Our property is located in a strategic position, from here you can ‘as a reference point for visiting places of interest, for short trips or longer excursions long.

We propose some ideas

1 AMELIABorder town, before then Roman Umbria, Amelia has many reminders of its past: in addition to the walls, which is the most important monument, we mention the interesting old town, which covers approximately 25 ha, with its layers, the many Renaissance palaces, churches, mosaics and remains of terme
2 ORVIETOOrvieto is located on a tuff (ignimbrite of Orvieto – Bagnoregio), including 280 (Piazza Cahen) 325 (St. Francis) m above sea level, overlooking the valley of the Paglia river, right tributary of the Tiber River and just below the city ​​receives from the left Chiani, Chiana Romana from the Valdichiana.
3 SPOLETOSpoleto is located at the southern end of the Valle Umbra, a vast alluvial plain created in prehistoric times by the presence of a vast lake, the Lacus Umber, finally dried in the Middle Ages, after his waterlogging, with the reclamation works.

The Marmore falls is a waterfall flow-controlled, among the highest in Europe, relying on a total elevation of 165 m, divided into three salti.Essa is located about 7.5 km from Terni, Umbria , near the end of the Nera Valley, the long valley carved by the river Nera.


Todi is an Italian town of 20,116 inhabitants in the province of Perugia, which stands on a hill, whose summit is 418 meters above sea level and overlooks the valley of the average Tevere.Il municipality, among the largest in the Umbria region, which is mostly hills and is composed of a myriad of small settlements.

5 VITERBOViterbo is historically known as the City of the Popes: in the thirteenth century was in fact the papacy and for about 24 years, the Papal Palace hosted or there were various elected Papi.La town has ancient origins (it is thought that Viterbo is derived from the Latin Urbs Vetus, ie Old Town) and has a medieval city center with several well-preserved neighborhoods walled and surrounded by modern suburbs.